Congratulations to our RCJA juniors that played in Little Rock this weekend.

The RCJA had 9 juniors that placed last weekend in the Little Rock Southern Level 3- way to go!

1.  Caroline Culpepper     Girl’s 14’s Singles 3rd Place

2. M.J. McCaghren          Girl’s 16’s Singles 2nd Place

3. Tyler Myers                  Boy’s 16’s Singles 3rd Place

4. Edward Apple              Boy’s 16’s Singles 2nd Place

5. Christian Schneiter     Boy’s 16’s Singles 5/6th Place

6. Michael Apple             Boy’s 18’s Singles 1st Place

7. Albert Vacheron          Boy’s 18’s Singles 3rd Place

8. Marshall Sullivan         Boy’s 18’s Singles 4th Place

9. Michael Birnbaum       Boy’s 18’s Singles 5/6th Place

And Again Congratulations to SPENCER RICHEY for finishing in the top 16 at the National Easter Bowl.

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