RCJA Juniors at Qualifying and High School State Championships

Tennessee State Qualifying 2013

Walker Stearns               1st Place – Boy’s 10s
Takuma Walter                6th Place – Boy’s 12s
Frederick Danielson       3rd Place – Boy’s 14s
Claire Sullivan                 3rd Place Girl’s 16s
Carmen Saab                  6th Place – Girl’s 16s
Michael Apple                   2nd Place – Boy’s 16s
Jarryd Woog                     1st Place – Boy’s 18s
Cody Gubin                       3rd Place – Boy’s 18s
Marshall Sullivan             5th Place – Boy’s 18s

 Congrats to the 30 RCJA Juniors who qualified for Southerns!
Boy’s 10s                           Girl’s 10s
Jaad Hamze                   Elaine Hollis
Walker Stearns              Sean Mullen
Holden Brown                Samantha Spielberger

Boy’s 12s                              Boy’s 14s
Gregory Guo                 Hudson Brown
Mac Owen                     Frederick Danielson
Weston Touliatos        Takuma Walter
Boy’s 16s                       Girl’s 14s
Michael Apple              Caroline Culpepper
Paul Lahue                  Catherine Owen
Tyler Myers                   Elizabeth Saab
Spencer Richey     Christian Schneiter
Girl’s 16s                                        Boy’s 18s
Mary Jane McCaghren         Michael Birnbaum
Carmen Saab                       Jacob Birnbaum
Claire Sullivan                      Cody Gubin
Grace Garrott                         Walker Sims
 Marshall Sullivan
 Albert Vacheron
 Jarryd Woog

High School State Accomplishments

Division AA Team Champions-   Memphis University School
Walker Sims
Spencer Richey
Michael Apple
Jacob Birnbaum
Michael Birnbaum
Paul Lahue
David Owen
Colin Donaghue

 Division AA – Doubles (Boys)
Spencer Richey & Michael Apple        Champions
Jacob Birnbaum & Colin Donaghue    Runner-Up
Division A – Singles (Boys)
Marshall Sullivan                                     Champion
Division A – Doubles (Girls)
Claire Sullivan & Libby Heflin              Champions
MJ McCaghren & Carmen Saab         Runner-Up

Best of Preps Nominees (Boys)               Best of Preps Nominees (Girls)
Albert Vacheron                                                      Claire Sullivan
Walker Sims
Marshall Sullivan

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