Tournament Results:

Over the past few weeks the RCJA has had over 100 juniors participate in tournaments.  Here is a list of all of our trophy winners!  Congratulations:

GCC Fall Junior Championships
Kirk Ruaro- Boy’s 16’s 1st Place
Nick Green- Boy’s 16’s 2nd Place
Maxwell Varner- Boy’s 16’s 4th Place
William Roshak- Boy’s 16’s 6th Place
Jack Powell- Boy’s 14’s 2nd Place
Garrett Whitehorn- Boy’s 14’s 3rd Place
Joshua Beer- Boy’s 12’s 1st Place
Daniel Roshak- Boy’s 12’s 2nd Place
Megan Richman- Girl’s 14’s 1st Place
Ruaro/Varner- Boy’s 16’s Doubles 1st Place
Whitehorn/Whitehorn- Boy’s 16’s Doubles 2nd Place
New Albany Championships
Paul Lahue-   Boy’s 18’s 1st Place
Frederick Danielson- Boy’s 16’s Consolation Finalist
Takuma Walter-  Boy’s 14’s Consolation Finalist
Weston Touliatos- Boy’s 14’s  Consolation Finalist
Romane Guibal-Britt- Girl’s 12’s 2nd Place
River Hills Junior Open
Michael Apple- Boy’s 18’s 2nd  Place
Frederick Danielson- Boy’s 16’s  2nd Place
Takuma Walter- Boy’s 12’s 2nd Place
Chic-Fil-A Junior Open State Championships
Marshall Sullivan- Boy’s 18’s 2nd Place
Andres Carro- Boy’s 18’s 3rd Place
Paul Lahue- Boy’s 18’s Consolation Finalist
Frederick Danielson- Boy’s 16’s Consolation Finalist
Sairam Gudiseva- Boy’s 16’s 2nd Place
Takuma Walter- Boy’s 12’s Consolation Finalist
Mary Jane McCaghren- Girl’s 18’s 2nd Place


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