RCJA juniors at the Polar Bear

Congratulations to all of our juniors in Little Rock last weekend at the Polar Bear.  Here is a list of juniors that placed even though the last rounds were rained out!

Boy’s 18’s
Marshall Sullivan- Single’s Finalist
Paul Lahue- Single’s Finalist
LaHue/ Sullivan – Double’s Finalist

Boy’s 16’s
Frederick Danielson – Single’s Semi-Finalist

Boy’s 12’s
Walker Stearns – Single’s Finalist
Takuma Walter – Single’s Finalist
Greg Guo – Single’s Semi-Finalist
Stearns/Walter – Double’s Finalist

Girl’s 18’s
Mary Jane McCaghren – Double’s Finalist

Girl’s 16’s
Claire Sullivan – Single’s Finalist

Girl’s 12’s
Samantha Speilberger – Single’s Finalist
Romane Guibal-Britt – Single’s Semi-Finalist


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