RCJA Tournament Results

Last weekend was another great weekend for the RCJA juniors!  Here is a list of all the RCJA juniors that placed in last weekend’s tournaments.

Little Rock and Baton Rouge– Southern Level 2 Championships

Boy’s 18s

Spencer Richey- Singles Finalist (DNF Finals) and 3rd Place Doubles

Boys’ 12s

Walker Stearns- Doubles Champion

Takuma Walters- 4th Place Doubles

Girls’ 12s

Samantha Spielberger – 3rd Place Doubles

Leftwich Fantasy Playground League Tournament

 Boy’s 16’s

Nick Green – Ist Place

Kirk Ruaro – 2nd Place

 Boy’s 14’s

John Morgan Gates – 3rd Place

Daniel Roshak   – 4th Place

Garrett Whitehorn 5th Place

Tate Conley -6th Place

 Boy’s 12’s

Tom Monaghan – 5th Place

Edward Grinder – 6th Place

 Girl’s 14’s

Grace Murray 2nd Place

 Girl’s 12’s

Stephanie Woodbury

 Boy’s 16’s Doubles

Kirk Ruaro – 1st Place

Sloan Schneiter – 3rd Place

 Boy’s 14’s

John Morgan Gates/ Kells Hecht – 1st Place

 Girl’s 10’s

Stephanie Woodbury/ Melanie Woodbury – 1st Place


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